Compiler Error CS0650

Bad array declarator: To declare a managed array the rank specifier precedes the variable's identifier. To declare a fixed size buffer field, use the fixed keyword before the field type.

An array was declared incorrectly. In C#, unlike in C and C++, the square brackets follow the type, not the variable name. Also, realize that the syntax for a fixed size buffer differs from that of an array.


The following example code generates CS0650.

// CS0650.cs  
public class MyClass  
   public static void Main()  
// Generates CS0650. Incorrect array declaration syntax:  
      int myarray[2];     

      // Correct declaration.  
      int[] myarray2;  

      // Declaration and initialization in one statement  
      int[] myArray3= new int[2] {1,2}  

      // Access an array element.  
      myarray3[0] = 0;  


The following example shows how to use the fixed keyword when you create a fixed size buffer:

// This code must appear in an unsafe block.   
public struct MyArray   
    public fixed char pathName[128];  

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