C# Compiler Options

The compiler produces executable (.exe) files, dynamic-link libraries (.dll), or code modules (.netmodule).

Every compiler option is available in two forms: -option and /option. The documentation only shows the -option form.

In Visual Studio, you set compiler options in the web.config file. For more information, see <compiler> Element.

In This Section

Command-line Building With csc.exe
Information about building a Visual C# application from the command line.

How to: Set Environment Variables for the Visual Studio Command Line
Provides steps for running vsvars32.bat to enable command-line builds.

C# Compiler Options Listed by Category
A categorical listing of the compiler options.

C# Compiler Options Listed Alphabetically
An alphabetical listing of the compiler options.

Build Page, Project Designer
Setting properties that govern how your project is compiled, built, and debugged. Includes information about custom build steps in Visual C# projects.

Default and Custom Builds
Information on build types and configurations.

Preparing and Managing Builds
Procedures for building within the Visual Studio development environment.