Apply additional filters

Using additional filters, you can filter the opportunities that participate in calculating the forecast values. To filter the opportunities, you create filters based on conditions by using the attributes that belong to the Opportunity entity, including related entity attributes.

For example, you know that opportunities related to Adatum Corporation and revenue more than or equal to $10,000 can't be closed for the current quarter. To filter such opportunities in the forecast, follow these steps to create a query for this condition.

  1. In the Additional filters section, select + Add filters.

  2. Select + Add > Add row.

    Select add row

  3. In the selection boxes, select the attribute as Potential Customer, the condition as Does Not Equals, and the company to be considered as Adatum Corporation.

    Enter a condition to ignore a company

    With this condition, the opportunities related to Adatum Corporation will be removed from the forecast. In the next step, you'll add a condition to filter revenue that's more than or equal to $10,000.

  4. Select + Add > Add row.

  5. In the selection boxes, select the attribute as Est. Revenue, the condition as Is greater than, and revenue to be considered as 10000.

    Enter the second condition

    Now the conditions are created for the query. When the forecast is activated, the query will be executed to filter the forecast for the added conditions.

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