Install the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK

The Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK is published on the PowerShell Gallery. You can install the SDK in PowerShell Core or Windows PowerShell using the following command.

Install-Module Microsoft.Graph

Optionally, you can change the default scope of the installation using the -Scope parameter. This requires admin permissions.

Install-Module Microsoft.Graph -Scope AllUsers


Installing the SDK in one version of PowerShell does not install it for the other. Be sure to run the installation command inside the version of PowerShell you intend to use it in.

Verify installation

After the installation completes, you can verify the installed version with the following command.

Get-InstalledModule Microsoft.Graph

The version in the output should match the latest version published on the PowerShell Gallery. Now you're ready to use the SDK.

Updating the SDK

You can update the SDK and all of its dependencies using the following command.

Update-Module Microsoft.Graph

Uninstalling the SDK

First, use the following command to uninstall the main module.

Uninstall-Module Microsoft.Graph

Then, remove all of the dependency modules by running the following commands.

Get-InstalledModule Microsoft.Graph.* | %{ if($_.Name -ne "Microsoft.Graph.Authentication"){ Uninstall-Module $_.Name } }
Uninstall-Module Microsoft.Graph.Authentication

Provide feedback

We welcome feedback! Please provide any feedback or report any problems on the SDK GitHub repository.