Getting a custom visual certified

What is meant by certified?

A certified custom visual is one that has met a set of code requirements and has passed strict security tests. Once a custom visual has been certified, it can be exported to PowerPoint and will display in the emails received when a user subscribes to report pages.

Are you a Web developer and interested in creating your own visualizations and adding them to Microsoft AppSource? See Get started with Developer Tools to learn how.

Certification requirements

  • Microsoft AppSource approved
  • Custom visual is written with Versioned API 1.2 or higher
  • Code repository available for review (e.g., Visual Code available to us through GitHub)
  • Uses only public reviewable OSS components
  • Does not access external services or resources

TIP: We recommend that you use EsLint with default security ruleset, to pre-validate your code before submission.

Process for submitting a custom visual for Certification

To submit a custom visual for certification:

  1. Send an email to Power BI Custom Visuals Support ( In the email, include the following information:

    • Title: Visual Certification Request
    • Link to GitHub repository where the visual source code is hosted
    • Adhere to the requirements (see above)
    • Pass the code and security review
  2. The Custom Visuals team at Microsoft will notify you when your custom visual is certified and added to the Certified list (below), or rejected with a report of the issues that need to be fixed. It is the developer’s responsibility to maintain an open line of communication with Microsoft and to update their Certified visuals as needed.

Removal of Power BI Certified custom visuals

Microsoft, at its discretion, may remove a visual from the Certified list.

List of custom visuals that have been certified

Link to AppSource Link to video
Aster plot
Bowtie chart by MAQ Software Video
BciCalendar (Beyondsoft Calendar)
Box and Whisker
Bullet Chart Video1 Video2
Bullet Chart by OKViz Video
Calendar by Tallan
Chiclet slicer Video
Chord Chart Video
Circular gauge by MAQ Software
Cylindrical gauge
Dial gauge Video
Donut chart (Ring chart) by MAQ Software Video
Dot Plot by OKViz Video
Drill down donut chart by ZoomCharts
Dual KPI Video
Enlighten Aquarium
Enlighten World Flags - coming soon
Enlighten Stack Shuffle - coming soon
Gantt Video
Horizotal Funnel Video
KPI Indicator
Linear gauge by MAQ Software Video
Mekko chart Video
Play Axis (Dynamic Slicer)
Power KPI Video
Radar chart
Ring chart (Donut chart) by MAQSoftware Video
Sankey chart Video
Scroller Video
Smart Filter by SQLBI Video
Sparkline by OKViz Video
Tachometer Video
Thermometer Video
Time series decomposition
Table Heatmap
Text wrapper
Timeline slicer Video
Tornado chart Video
Waffle chart Video
Word Cloud Video

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