Quickstart: Embed a Power BI Report Server report using an iFrame in SharePoint Server

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In this quickstart you will learn how to embed a Power BI Report Server report by using an iFrame in a SharePoint page. If you are working with SharePoint Online, Power BI Report Server must be publicly accessible. In SharePoint Online, the Power BI Web Part that works with the Power BI service doesn’t work with Power BI Report Server.

iFrame sample


Creating the Power BI Report Server report URL

  1. Download the sample from GitHub - Blog Demo.

    download sample PBIX file

  2. Open the sample PBIX file from GitHub in Power BI Desktop optimized for Power BI Report Server.

    PBI RS Desktop tool

  3. Save the report to the Power BI Report Server.

    PBI RS Save

  4. View report in the Web Portal.

    Web Portal

Capturing the URL parameter

Once you have your URL, you can create an iFrame within a SharePoint page, to host the report. For any Power BI Report Server report URL you can add a querystring parameter of ?rs:embed=true to embed your report into an iFrame.

For example: http://myserver/reports/powerbi/Sales?rs:embed=true

Embedding a Power BI Report Server report in a SharePoint iFrame

  1. Navigate to a SharePoint Site Contents page.

    Site Content Page

  2. Choose the page where you want to add your report.

    Site Content Page App

  3. Select the gear on the top right and select Edit Page.

    Edit Page option

  4. Select Add Web Part.

    Add Web Part

  5. Under Categories select Media and Content, under Parts, select Content Editor, and then select Add.

    Select Content Editor Web Part Select Add

  6. Select Click here to add new content.

    Add new content

  7. In the ribbon select the Format Text tab then select Edit Source.

    Edit Source

  8. In the Edit Source window paste your iFrame code and select OK.

    iFrame code

    For example:

    <iframe width="800" height="600" src="http://myserver/reports/powerbi/Sales?rs:embed=true" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>
  9. In the ribbon select the Page tab and select Stop Editing.

    Stop Editing

  10. Now you should see the report on the page.

    iFrame sample

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