View solution layers

Solution layers allow you to view all component changes that occur due to solution changes over time. Within a solution layer, you can drill down to view specific changed and unchanged property details for a component.

Solution layers:

  • Let you see the order in which a solution changed a component.
  • Let you view all properties of a component within a specific solution, including the changes to the component.
  • Can be used to troubleshoot dependency or solution-layering issues by displaying change details for a component that was introduced by a solution change.

View the solution layers for a component

You can access solution layers from the Components list or from the Dependency Details dialog box in solution explorer.

  1. To view solution layers from the Components list, open solution explorer. In the Components list, select a component, such as Account, and then select Solution Layers on the toolbar.

    Solution layers button

  2. The solution layer page appears. It displays each layer for the component, such as the Account entity displayed here, with the most recent layer at the top. To view the details for a solution layer, select it.

    Solution layers list

  3. In the Solution Layer dialog box, the Changed Properties tab displays only those properties that were modified as part of the specific solution layer.

    Solution layer changed properties

  4. Select the All Properties tab to view all properties, including changed and unchanged properties, for the solution layer.

    Solution layer all properties

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