Run an app in a web browser

When you create an app, or someone shares an app with you, you can run that app on Windows, iOS, Android, or in a web browser. In this topic, you'll learn how to run a canvas or model-driven app in a web browser from the Dynamics 365 Home page.

To follow this quickstart, you need:

Sign in to Dynamics 365

Sign in to Dynamics 365 at

Find an app on the Home page

The Home page may show several types of business apps, but you can find a specific app by typing part of its name in the search box. You can also filter the list to show only apps created by a specific source, such as PowerApps. To do this, select Filter and then select the source.

If you've recently installed the app, it might not immediately appear in the list of apps. Select Sync to show all your apps. This process may take up to a minute.

Run an app from a URL

You can save an app's URL as a bookmark in your browser and run it by selecting the bookmark, or you can send a URL as a link through email. If someone else created an app and shared it with you in an email, you can run the app by selecting the link in the email. When running an app using a URL, you may be prompted to sign in using your Azure Active Directory credentials.

Connect to data

If an app requires a connection to a data source or permission to use the device's capabilities (such as the camera or location services), you must give consent before you can use the app. Typically, you're prompted only the first time.


Close an app

To close an app, sign out of the Dynamics 365 Home page, or open another app.

Next steps

In this topic, you learned how to run a canvas or model-driven app in a web browser. To learn how to: