Returns a record that removes all the fields specified in a list. If the field specified does not exist, an exception is thrown.


Record.RemoveFields(record as record, fields as any, optional missingField as nullable number) as record  


Argument Description
record The Record to modify.
fields A list of two items with the names of the fields that need to exchange their order in the record.
optional missingField A MissingField enum value to handle missing fields. The default value is MissingField.Error.

MissingField enum

  • MissingField.Error = 0;

  • MissingField.Ignore = 1;

  • MissingField.UseNull = 2;


Record.RemoveFields([CustomerID=1, Item = "Fishing rod", Price=18.00] , "Price")  
equals [CustomerID=1, Item="Fishing rod"]  
CustomerID 1
Item Fishing rod