Working with Business Desk

This section describes how to manage your Web site by using Commerce Server Business Desk. This section explains choosing and updating site content, changing the ads displayed to premier users, updating the catalog and publishing those changes, and running reports to measure how those changes affect site productivity.


The Commerce Server 2002 contains two sets of documentation:

  • Commerce Server 2002 Help. This is the complete documentation set you currently have installed. It provides links and relevant information for site developers and system administrators. System administrators can provide the complete Commerce Server 2002 Help set to Business Desk users by copying the Commerce_Server.chm file onto a shared folder.
  • Business Desk Help (from the Business Desk client). This is a subset of the Commerce Server 2002 Help. It is installed when you install the Business Desk client. With this subset, you have limited access to the Commerce Server 2002 Help. However, a link to the Commerce Server Concepts topic in Commerce Server 2002 Help is provided.

This section contains:

  • Getting Started with Business Desk. Describes components of Business Desk, describes how to customize and configure Business Desk, and explains what you must do first to use Business Desk.
  • Business Desk Analysis. Explains how to set up and run reports that you use to analyze the activity on your Web site.
  • Business Desk Campaigns. Explains how to create and manage campaigns of different types (ads, discounts, and direct mail) to target different user groups, extend the reach of your business, and increase sales.
  • Business Desk Catalogs. Explains how to create a catalog schema, and how to create and manage a catalog.
  • Business Desk Orders. Explains how to check the status of an order and how to manage order templates, baskets, and the purchase order approval process. Explains how to add, change, and delete different types of data codes.
  • Business Desk Profiles. Explains how to add new registered users and organizations, how to add properties to profile definitions, and how to add site terms.
  • Business Desk Security. Explains how to set user access to specific categories or modules in Business Desk.
  • Troubleshooting Business Desk. Explains how to troubleshoot and resolve common problems that you might encounter when using Business Desk.

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