Project for the web get started guide for admins

Project for the web is a new service that is now available to Office 365 users. You can make it available to your users through the following licenses:

  • Project Plan P1
  • Project Plan P3 (previously called Project Online Professional)
  • Project Plan P5 (previously called Project Online Premium)

If your users are currently using Project Online Professional or Project Online Premium licenses, Project for the web is available to them now.

This article provides admins information to help them better understand and manage the service.

Learn more about Project for the web

The follow can be helpful to you if you are an admin who wants to learn more about Project for the web. It can be especially helpful if your organization currently uses Project Online or the Project Online Desktop Client.

Turn off Project for the web for specific users

If your organization currently uses Project Online Professional (renamed to Project Plan P3) or Project Online Premium (renamed to Project Plan P5), users with these licenses will automatically get Project for the web. If you are not ready to make Project for the web available to some of these users, you can turn it off. Learn how to do this in Turn off Project for the web.

Help your users

Project for the web is designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive. You can use the following articles, quick starts, and videos to help your users learn how to better use Project for the web.

Reporting information on Project for the web data

Project for the web data is stored in your Dynamics 365 Dataverse default instance. You can view Power BI reports by connecting to the data with Power BI Desktop, which is described in the following article:

Connect to Project data through Power BI Desktop


Your Project for the web and Roadmap data is stored in Dataverse (formerly Common Data Service).

Initial use of Project for the web or Roadmap in your tenant will automatically create the default Dataverse instance. Admins have the option to deploy Project to additional environments.

Resource setup in PowerApps

While sharing and access to your project in Project for the web is done through Office 365 groups, it is important to note that Project for the web uses the PowerApps platform. Some resource setup tasks such as adding non-user resources or creating a work schedule template and applying it to resources are done in PowerApps.

Searching for user data for Project for the web

If you need to find a specific user's data in Project for the web (for example, all project the user owned or created), you can find that information in the following articles:

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