Uninstall applications with System Center Configuration Manager

Applies to: System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch)

Take the following actions to uninstall an application you previously deployed.

  • Specify the command line to uninstall the deployment type content on the Content page of the Create Deployment Type Wizard.

  • Deploy the application by using a deployment action of Uninstall.


Some application types do not support uninstallation.

This list gives you more information about how application uninstall works:

  • When you uninstall a System Center Configuration Manager (Configuration Manager) application, any dependent applications are not automatically uninstalled.

  • If you deploy an application that uses an action of Uninstall to a user, and the application was installed for all users of the computer, the uninstall might fail if the user’s account does not have permissions to uninstall the application.

  • If you remove a user or a device from a collection that has an application deployed to it, the application is not automatically removed from the device.

  • A deployment with the deployment purpose of Uninstall does not check requirement rules. If the application is installed on the computer on which the deployment runs, it will be uninstalled.


To deploy the application with the Uninstall action, you must first delete any existing application deployments, simulated deployments, or task sequence deployments that include this application.

For more information about how to create a deployment type, see Create applications.

For more information about how to deploy an application, see Deploy applications.

Uninstall an application

  1. Configure the application deployment type with the uninstall command line by using one of the following methods:

    • On the General page of the Create Deployment Wizard, select the option Automatically identify information about this deployment type from installation files. If the information is available in the installation files, the uninstall command line is automatically added to the deployment type properties.

    • On the Content page of the Create Deployment Type Wizard, in the Uninstall program field, specify the command line to uninstall the application.


      The Content page is displayed only if you select the option Manually specify the deployment type information on the General page of the Create Deployment Type Wizard.

    • On the Programs tab of the <deployment type name> Properties dialog box, specify the command line to uninstall the application in the Uninstall program field.

  2. Deploy the application, and then select the deployment action Uninstall on the Deployment Settings page of the Deploy Software Wizard.


    When you select a deployment action of Uninstall, the deployment purpose is automatically configured as Required.