Toast schema

These elements and their attributes are manipulated through Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation functions to customize the toast content.

To define the content for a toast, you can use ToastNotificationManager.getTemplateContent to get a toast template that can be modified.

To examine the content of an existing toast, use ToastNotification.content to get the current contents.

The following table lists all of the elements in this schema, sorted alphabetically by name.

Element Description

Specifies a sound to play when a toast notification is displayed. This element also allows you to mute any toast notification audio.


Specifies the toast template. Note that only one binding element can be included in a toast notification.


Specifies a scenario-associated button shown in a toast. The scenario is specified in the parent commands element.


Specifies that the toast notification is being used to indicate an incoming call or an alarm, with appropriate commands associated with each scenario.


Specifies an image used in the toast template.


Specifies text used in the toast template.


Base toast element, which contains at least a single visual element.


Contains a single binding element that defines a toast.