Export subscription information

In the Visual Studio Subscriptions Administration Portal, you can export a list of your subscribers and details about their assignments. This information includes their name, email address, alternate email address, subscription level, assigned date, activation status, expiration date, reference field, whether downloads are enabled, country, language, subscription status, and subscription GUID. The list is exported as a CSV file which can easily be opened in Microsoft Excel for the creation of charts, pivots and other artifacts.

Having all your subscriber information in one place can help you do things like:

  • Get an overall view of which subscriptions are in use by team and/or location across your organization.
  • Develop plans and budgets for future subscription purchases.
  • Encourage users who have subscriptions assigned to activate.
  • Take proactive action before subscriptions expire.
  • Identify where subscriptions may be over-allocated.
  • Assign subscriptions using the subscription ID to control which expiration date your subscribers have on their subscriptions.

Export your subscriptions

To perform the export:

  1. Sign in to the Administration Portal.
  2. Select the Export tab. and the file will download to your local machine. The file will include the name of the agreement that contains your user subscriptions, as well as the date of the export.

Export subscribers 3. The exported list will appear in the normal location for downloaded files on your computer in a .csv file format. The file name will include the agreement number and the date on which you exported the list.


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