Line and Curve Functions

The following functions are used with lines and curves.

Function Description
AngleArc Draws a line segment and an arc.
Arc Draws an elliptical arc.
ArcTo Draws an elliptical arc.
GetArcDirection Retrieves the current arc direction for the specified device context.
LineDDA Determines which pixels should be highlighted for a line defined by the specified starting and ending points.
LineDDAProc An application-defined callback function used with the LineDDA function.
LineTo Draws a line from the current position up to, but not including, the specified point.
MoveToEx Updates the current position to the specified point and optionally returns the previous position.
PolyBezier Draws one or more Bézier curves.
PolyBezierTo Draws one or more Bézier curves.
PolyDraw Draws a set of line segments and Bézier curves.
Polyline Draws a series of line segments by connecting the points in the specified array.
PolylineTo Draws one or more straight lines.
PolyPolyline Draws multiple series of connected line segments.
SetArcDirection Sets the drawing direction to be used for arc and rectangle functions.