Microsoft 365 for Campaigns

In our current world, keeping data and communications secure is a priority, particularly for political campaigns, medical and legal practices, and many other businesses. Microsoft 365 for Campaigns comes with a set of recommendations designed to help protect you and your data. This library includes help for setting up and using this recommended environment, even if you're not a campaign.

What is Microsoft 365 for Campaigns? It's a recommended secure configuration that includes Microsoft 365 Business Premium so that you can:

  • Rely on trusted business productivity and collaboration tools, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and other Office products
  • Protect your work files on all of your iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices with enterprise-grade security that is simple to manage
  • Apply extra protection for user accounts and identity

Microsoft 365 Business Premium protects your productivity tools, collaboration tools, file storage, email, devices, and identity

While federal election campaigns in the United States qualify for special pricing for Microsoft 365 Business Premium, any organization with this plan can take advantage of this guidance to configure increased security and learn how to collaborate securely.

This library includes the following:

  • Prescriptive setup guidance for adding increased security.
  • Help for users to setup devices for secure access.
  • Guidance on how to collaborate and share securely.

For more information about what's included, see Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Get started

Roadmap Follow these steps to get started:

Solutions for your campaign or small business

After you set up your secure Microsoft 365 environment, you can use the following solutions to get working:

a SharePoint communication site an online meeting
Create teams for collaboration Make a space for communication and collaboration with specific teams for key staff, all staff, and partners or vendors with Microsoft Teams. Create your team Set up online meetings Schedule a meeting with audio, video, and sharing with Microsoft Teams. Set up a meeting
Encrypted and labeled email a SharePoint communications site
Encrypt or label your sensitive email Use encryption and sensitivity labels to protect email that contains confidential or sensitive information. Send encrypted email Create a communications site Share events, message, images, and more with your team in an internal communications site created with SharePoint. Create your site
sharing a file in Microsoft Teams
Share files and videos Save your files and videos to the cloud so they're available to all of the appropriate people. Start sharing