Office 365 专业增强版部署指南Deployment guide for Office 365 ProPlus

本指南可帮助 IT 专业人员在自己的企业环境中规划、部署和管理 Office 365 专业增强版。This guide helps IT Pros plan, deploy, and manage Office 365 ProPlus in their enterprise environments.


了解部署选项、如何从本地源部署,以及如何使用 Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 部署 Office 365 专业增强版。Learn about your deployment options, how to deploy from a local source, and how to use System Center Configuration Manager to deploy Office 365 ProPlus.

管理更新Manage updates

了解对 Office 365 专业增强版可用的不同更新通道,以及如何使用 Configuration Manager 来管理更新。Learn about the different update channels available for Office 365 ProPlus and how to use Configuration Manager to manage updates.


了解 Office 部署工具 (ODT)、其他部署选项和激活。Learn about the Office Deployment Tool (ODT), other deployment options, and activation.