Configuration Manager 和服务型 WindowsConfiguration Manager and Windows as a Service

适用范围: Configuration Manager (Current Branch)Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

Configuration Manager 提供对 Windows 10 的功能更新的全面控制。Configuration Manager provides comprehensive control over feature updates for Windows 10. 若要完全采用服务型 Windows 模型,还必须采用 Configuration Manager Current Branch 模型。To fully adopt the Windows as a service model, you also must adopt the Configuration Manager current branch model. 若要让 Windows 10 保持最新,需要让 Configuration Manager 保持最新,以便获得最佳体验。To stay current with Windows 10, requires that you stay current with Configuration Manager for the best experience. 若要充分利用丰富强大的面向企业的 Windows 10 新功能,需要使用新版 Configuration Manager。New versions of Configuration Manager are required to take full advantage of the exciting new enterprise features for Windows 10. 此文章用作重要文章的登录页面,这些文章是采用 Configuration Manager Current Branch 所必需的。This article is intended to be a landing page for the key articles required to adopt Configuration Manager current branch. Configuration Manager Current Branch 可帮助实现服务型 Windows。Configuration Manager current branch gets you on your way to Windows as a service.

有关采用 Configuration Manager Current Branch 的重要文章Key articles about adopting Configuration Manager current branch

项目Article 说明Description
Configuration Manager Current Branch 概述Overview of Configuration Manager current branch 简要概述全新 Configuration Manager 服务模型 (Current Branch) 的要点Provides a brief summary of the key points for the new servicing model for Configuration Manager (Current Branch)
支持周期Support lifecycle 介绍新的支持和服务模型。Explains the new support and servicing model.
已删除和已弃用的项Removed and deprecated items 针对可能会影响使用 Configuration Manager 的将来更改提出早期通知。Provides early notice about future changes that might affect your use of Configuration Manager.
更新到 Configuration Manager Current BranchUpdates to Configuration Manager current branch 介绍在控制台内部实现的、将功能更新应用于 Configuration Manager 的简单方法。Explains the easy in-console method of applying feature updates to Configuration Manager.
获取可用更新Get available updates 介绍可用于获取新的 Configuration Manager 功能更新的两种模式。Explains the two modes available to get new Configuration Manager feature updates.
更新清单Update checklist 如果适用,提供特定于更新版本的清单。Provides update version-specific checklists, if applicable.
安装新的 Configuration Manager 功能更新Install new Configuration Manager feature updates 介绍功能更新的简单安装步骤。Explains the simple installation steps for feature updates.
支持 Windows 10Support for Windows 10 提供 Windows 10(及 ADK)版本的支持矩阵。Provides a support matrix for Windows 10 (and ADK) versions.
Configuration Manager Technical PreviewTechnical Previews for Configuration Manager 介绍 ConfigMgr 技术预览计划。Provides information about the ConfigMgr technical preview program.

有关采用服务型 Windows 的关键文章Key articles about adopting Windows as a service

项目Article 说明Description
将 Windows 作为一项服务来管理Manage Windows as a service 介绍如何使用服务计划来部署 Windows 10 功能更新。Explains how to use servicing plans to deploy Windows 10 feature updates.
通过任务序列升级 Windows 10Upgrade Windows 10 via task sequence 使用其他建议创建任务序列以升级 Windows 10 的详细信息。The details of creating a task sequence to upgrade Windows 10 with additional recommendations.
分阶段部署Phased deployments 分阶段部署可在多个集合中自动协调有序地推出任务序列。Phased deployments automate a coordinated, sequenced rollout of a task sequence across multiple collections.
优化 Windows 10 更新传递Optimize Windows 10 update delivery 使用 Configuration Manager 管理更新内容以及时了解 Windows 10 动态。Use Configuration Manager to manage update content to stay current with Windows 10.
使用桌面分析Use Desktop Analytics 利用桌面分析,可以访问和分析环境中的设备对升级至 Windows 10 的准备情况。Desktop Analytics allows you to assess and analyze the readiness of devices in your environment for an upgrade to Windows 10.
适用于企业的 Windows 更新集成(可选)Windows Update for Business integration (optional) 介绍如何使用 Configuration Manager 定义和部署适用于企业的 Windows 更新 (WUfB) 策略。Explains how to define and deploy Windows Update for Business (WUfB) policies using Configuration Manager.
配合使用共同管理和 Microsoft Intune 及适用于企业的 Windows 更新(可选)Use co-management with Microsoft Intune and Windows Update for Business (optional) 概述共同管理Provides an overview of co-management