Troubleshoot data integration

Each time that you synchronize from the application database, new structures and data that contain additional columns are copied to the staging database. These columns help you troubleshoot the populating and loading of data. Additionally, error codes and descriptions in the user interface help you troubleshoot the data integration process. The following are topics that list these error codes and error messages.


  • BizSystemFlag errors
    The BizSystemFlag column sets an error code that indicates failure to load or validate before loading. The corresponding BizSystemErrorDetails column indicates the columns to which the 900+ error code applies.


  • Data integration overview
    Provides an overview of the architecture of the 规划服务器 data-integration system and of the data-load processes.
  • Step 2: Synchronizing the staging database
    Provides background information about how 规划服务器 synchronizes the structures and data of each database, and describes the steps that you must follow to perform synchronization.
  • Scriptable data integration
    Describes the commands in the PPSCmd utility that you can use to write a script that performs data integration steps.