Microsoft Stream 入门Get started with Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream 非常容易入门。It's easy to get started with Microsoft Stream. 若要进入 Microsoft Stream,可以在 Office 365 应用启动器中单击“Stream”磁贴,或转到 并使用企业凭据登录。To get to Microsoft Stream, you can click on the "Stream" tile in the Office 365 App Launcher or go to and log-in with your corporate credentials. 本主题的余下部分简要概述主页的每个组成部分,并提供其他详细主题的链接。The rest of the topic gives a brief overview of each part of the home page and provides links to more detailed topics.


在继续学习本教程之前,必须已登录到 Microsoft Stream。Before continuing with this tutorial, you must be signed in to Microsoft Stream. 有关如何注册的信息,请参阅注册和第 0 天体验For information on how to sign up, see Sign up & Day 0 experience.

主页的最顶部显示了公司的一些热门视频。At the very top, the home page features a few of your company's trending videos. 这是同事观看、点赞或评论的最热门视频。These are the most popular videos that your colleagues are watching, liking or comment on. 可以单击其中的一部视频,细细观看。You can click on one of these videos and watch to be in the know.

使用任何 Stream 页面顶部的导航栏,可以轻松浏览视频、频道或组,创建新内容或搜索内容。The navigation bar at the top of any Stream page, makes it easy for you to browse videos, channel or groups, create new content or easily search for content. 还可以使用它来邀请同事,访问帮助内容,或者使用左侧的小图标向 Microsoft 提供反馈。You can also use it to invite coworkers, access help or provide your feedback to Microsoft using the small icons on the left.


有关更详细信息,请参阅以下文章:For more detailed information, see the following articles:

邀请同事Invite your coworkers


如果同事也使用 Microsoft Stream,你们的互动会产生火花。Microsoft Stream really shines when your colleauges are also using it. 可以从导航栏或单击通知,轻松邀请同事。You can easily invite your coworkers from the navigation bar or by clicking on the notification. 邀请同事后,可以让他们观看上传的视频,让鼓励他们上传和共享自己的视频。By inviting them, you enable them to view the videos you have already uploaded and give them a chance to upload their videos and share with you. 有关详细信息,请参阅此主题For more information, see this topic.

了解 Microsoft Stream 的用法Learn to use Microsoft Stream


还可以直接在主页中使用教程视频了解 Microsoft Stream 的用法。Directly from the home page, you can also learn how to use Microsoft Stream using hte tutorial videos. 这些视频涵盖 Microsoft Stream 中的最常见操作以帮助我们入门。These videos cover the most common actions in Microsoft Stream and make it easy for you to get started. 熟悉 Microsoft Stream 之后,可以通过单击“不再显示”轻松隐藏这些视频。Once you are familiar with Microsoft Stream, you can easily hide these videos by clicking "Don't show this again".

我的播放列表My watchlist


仅当播放列表中包含视频时,才显示此部分。This section only shows if you have videos in your watchlist. 使用播放列表可以方便地将以后想要回来观看的视频加入书签。Watchlist is a convenient way for you to bookmark videos that you want to come back to. 这些视频可以是你确实想要观看,但暂时没有时间观看的视频,或者想要再次观看的视频。These could be videos you really want to see but don't have the time at that moment or vidoes you want to watch again. 在任何视频中单击“添加到播放列表”,即可轻松添加该视频。You can easily add videos by clicking on "Add to watchlist" on any video. 如果想要管理播放列表,可以参阅此主题If you want to manage your watchlist you can see this topic.

关注的频道Followed channels

频道是组织内容的好办法。Channels are a great way to organize content. 若要随时了解已添加到某个频道的新视频或想要将此频道加入书签,可以关注此频道。To stay in touch with new videos added to a channel or to bookmark it you can easily follow a channel. 如果正在关注某个频道,可在主页的此部分中查看已添加到该频道的新视频,和/或轻松查找所关注的频道。If you are following a channel, this part of the Home Page let's you see the new videos added to a channel and/or find the channel you follow easily. 如果不再对某个频道感兴趣,只需单击“关注”即可取消关注它。If you are no longer interested in a channel, its easy to unfollow it by clicking "Following".

有关详细信息,请参阅关注频道For more information, see Follow a channel.



主页底部显示了其他一些热门视频和热门频道。At the bottom of the Home page you will see some more Trending videos and also Popular channels. 热门视频是根据观看、点赞和评论次数确定的,从中随时可以知道哪些视频确实在公司中流行。Trending videos are determined by the number of views, likes and comments are a great way to keep in touch with what's really popular in the company. 此外,还可以看到“热门频道”,顾名思义,这是在公司中最引人关注的热点频道。Also, you will see Popular channels and as the name suggests, these are meant to highlight channels that are getting the attention in the company.

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