升級至不同的方案Upgrade to a different plan

當您的公司變更或需要更多功能時,您可以升級計畫。When your business changes, or you need more features, you can upgrade plans. 若要執行此作業,最簡單的方法是使用系統管理中心的 [ 升級 ] 索引標籤。The easiest way to do this is to use the Upgrade tab in the admin center. 不過,並非所有情況都支援使用 [ 升級 ] 索引標籤。However, using the Upgrade tab isn't supported in all situations. 在某些情況下,您可能可以手動變更方案。In some cases, you might be able to change plans manually.

使用 [升級] 索引標籤Use the Upgrade tab

當您使用 [ 升級 ] 索引標籤時,您會逐步完成購買新的計畫。When you use the Upgrade tab, you're led through the process of buying a new plan. 所有使用者會自動指派新方案中的授權,而且舊的計畫會為您取消。All users are automatically assigned licenses in the new plan, and your old plan is canceled for you.

  1. 在系統管理中心中,移至 [ 帳單 > 產品 ] 頁面。In the Admin center, go to the Billing > Your products page.
  2. 選取您要升級的訂閱。Select the subscription that you want to upgrade.
  3. 在 [訂閱詳細資料] 頁面上,選取 [ 升級]。On the subscription details page, select Upgrade.
  4. 找到您要升級的計畫,然後選取 [ 升級 ] 按鈕。Find the plan to which you want to upgrade, then select the Upgrade button.
  5. 輸入您需要的授權數目、選擇是否要按月付款或按年付款,然後選取 [ 移至結帳]。Enter the number of licenses that you need, choose whether to pay each month or for the whole year, then select Go to checkout.


    請務必購買足夠的授權,以涵蓋所有的使用者。Make sure you buy enough licenses to cover all your users.

  6. 在下一個頁面上,驗證 銷售 的位址、 收取 的資訊及專案的 訂單On the next page, verify the Sold to address, the Billed to information, and Items in this order. 在此步驟中,您可以變更預設支付方式。You can change the default payment method at this step. 如果您需要進行任何變更,請選取 [適用] 區段旁的 [ 變更 ]。If you need to make any changes, select Change next to the applicable section.
  7. 當您完成時,請選取 [ 下單]。When you're finished, select Place order.

當您完成結帳時,可能需要幾分鐘的時間來完成升級。When you finish checkout, it might take a few minutes to finalize the upgrade. 您可以立即開始使用新的訂閱。You can start using your new subscription right away. 選取 [ 檢查升級狀態 ],檢查升級的進度。Select Check upgrade status to check the progress of the upgrade. 升級完成後,您將會收到通知。You'll be notified when the upgrade is complete. 通知會顯示在 [ 產品 ] 頁面上的新訂閱旁邊。The notification is displayed on the Your products page, next to your new subscription.

[升級] 索引標籤是空的The Upgrade tab is empty

如果 [ 升級 ] 索引標籤為空,您會看到有關為何您此時無法升級的說明。If the Upgrade tab is empty, you'll see an explanation of why you can't upgrade at this time. 您可以嘗試 手動變更方案You can try to change plans manually. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 為何無法升級方案?For more information, see Why can't I upgrade plans?.

我看不到想要的計畫I don't see the plan I want

當您使用 [ 升級 ] 索引標籤時,您可以升級的計畫會根據您目前計畫中的服務來顯示。When you use the Upgrade tab, the plans that you can upgrade to are displayed based on the services in your current plan. 您只能使用 [ 升級 ] 索引標籤移至具有相同資料相關服務的計畫,或移至較高的版本。You can only use the Upgrade tab to move to a plan that has the same data-related services, or to a higher version. 這可確保在變更期間,使用者不會失去與這些服務相關的資料。This ensures that users don't lose data related to those services during the change.

如果您想要以較少的服務移至方案,您可以 手動變更計畫,或 致電支援人員 以取得協助。If you want to move to a plan with fewer services, you can change plans manually, or call support for help.

我只想要升級部分使用者。I only want to upgrade some of my users. 如何執行該動作?How do I do that?

如果您只想要將部分使用者升級至不同計畫,但是必須先購買新訂閱,請參閱 手動變更計畫If you only want to upgrade some users to a different plan, but need to buy the new subscription first, see Change plans manually. 若您已有要升級使用者的訂閱,請參閱 將使用者移至其他訂閱If you already have the subscription that you want to upgrade users to, see Move users to a different subscription.

為何有些變更需要一些時間Why some changes take longer

指派使用者數目: 如果您有大量指派的使用者,將需要較長的時間進行升級,將其移至新的計畫。Number of assigned users: If you have a large number of assigned users, it will take longer to do the upgrade to move them to the new plan.

變更計畫時的信用檢查: 如果您是以發票支付,或是達到某項成本水準,則可能需要信用檢查。Credit checks when changing plans: If you pay by invoice, or reach a certain level of cost, a credit check might be required. 信用檢查可長達兩天的工作。A credit check can take up to two business days. 使用者將可以完全存取其目前的計畫,直到將它們移至新的計畫為止。Users will have full access to their current plan until you move them to the new one. 如果需要信用檢查,您將會收到通知。You'll receive a notification if a credit check is required.

為什麼我無法升級計畫?Why can't I upgrade plans?

如果您沒有在 [ 升級 ] 索引標籤上看到任何計畫,這表示您的計畫無法自動升級。If you don't see any plans on the Upgrade tab, it means your plan can't be upgraded automatically. 在某些情況下,您可能能夠解決問題,讓您能夠查看可供升級的計畫,或者您也可以手動升級或變更方案。In some cases, you might be able to resolve the issue so that you can view plans available for upgrade, or you might be able to upgrade or change plans manually, instead.

為什麼沒有列出要升級的計畫?Why are there no plans listed to upgrade?

您的使用者數目超過授權,因此您現在無法升級訂閱You can't upgrade subscriptions now because you have more users than licenses

若要自動升級計畫,您必須為您的所有使用者指派有效的授權。To upgrade plans automatically, all of your users need to be assigned valid licenses. 如果您已指派超過您購買的授權,您會在 [授權] 頁面上看到警示,表明您有需要 解決的授權 衝突。If you have assigned more licenses than you have purchased, you'll see an alert on the Licenses page that says you have a licensing conflict that needs to be resolved. 深入瞭解如何解決授權衝突Learn how to resolve license conflicts. 解決任何授權衝突後,您應該會看到 [ 升級 ] 索引標籤上所列的計畫。如果不是,您可以 手動變更計畫,或 致電支援人員After you have resolved any licensing conflicts, you should see plans listed on the Upgrade tab. If not, you can change plans manually, or call support.

您現在無法升級訂閱,因為此訂閱未完全設定或無法使用服務You can't upgrade subscriptions right now because this subscription isn't fully set up or the service isn't available

例如,如果其中一個服務有事件,您將無法升級,直到所有服務都健全為止。For example, if one of the services has an incident, you won't be able to upgrade until all services are healthy. 若要查看是否有提供或服務健康情況問題,請移至 [ 狀況 > 服務健康 情況] 頁面。To see if there are provisioning or service health issues, in the admin center, go to the Health > Service health page.

如果您發現有服務尚未佈建完畢,或是有服務健康情況的問題,請稍候數小時,待服務正常提供後再試。If you find that a service is not fully provisioned, or you have a service health issue, please wait a few hours for your service to become available, and try again. 如果仍有問題,請 致電支援人員If you still have a problem, please call support.

您無法升級計畫,因為另一個計畫正處於升級或擱置信用支票的處理過程中。You can't upgrade plans because another plan is in the process of being upgraded or is pending a credit check

請稍候,直到信用支票已完成,再升級方案。Wait until the credit check has been completed before upgrading plans. 信用查核最多可能需要花費兩個工作天。Credit checks can take up to two working days.

目前,此訂閱不適合升級Currently, this subscription is not eligible to upgrade

您可以 手動變更計畫致電支援人員You can change plans manually or call support.

我看到的訊息不同于這裡所列I see a different message than what's listed here

您可以 手動變更計畫致電支援人員You can change plans manually or call support.

您無法升級的其他原因Additional reasons you can't upgrade

您有兩個或多個相同產品的計畫You have two or more plans for the same product

只有在所有使用者都訂閱相同計畫時,才可以使用 [ 升級 ] 索引標籤。You can only use the Upgrade tab if all users subscribe to the same plan. 例如,如果您有兩個 Microsoft 365 商務標準版方案,您就無法將其中一個計畫自動升級為另一個計畫。For example, if you have two Microsoft 365 Business Standard plans, you won't be able to automatically upgrade one of them to another plan.

您有預付方案。You have a prepaid plan

如果您已事先為訂閱付費,您可能可以 手動變更方案If you've paid for your subscription in advance, you might be able to change plans manually. 不過,如果您在目前的計畫到期之前升級計畫,您也不會收到目前訂閱中未使用時間的信用。However, you won't receive a credit for unused time remaining on your current subscription if you upgrade plans before the current plan expires.

您也可以尋求協助的 支援You can also call support for help.

您具備的是政府或非營利機構方案You have a government or non-profit plan

如果您有政府或非盈利計畫,您可以 手動變更計畫 ,或 致電支援人員 以取得協助。If you have a government or non-profit plan, you can change plans manually or call support for help.

您要從其升級的訂閱存在暫時性問題The subscription that you want to upgrade from has a temporary issue

您可能無法在 [ 升級 ] 索引標籤上看到任何計畫,因為服務正在升級大量的計畫。You might not see any plans on the Upgrade tab because the service is in the process of upgrading a high volume of plans. 請在第一次嘗試後大約等候一個小時再試。Try again in about an hour after your first attempt.

您要升級為的計畫不是支援的選項The plan that you want to upgrade to isn't a supported option

當您升級計畫時,可供您升級的計畫,會根據您目前計畫中的服務來顯示。When you upgrade plans, the plans that are available for you to upgrade to are displayed based on the services in your current plan. 您只能升級至具有相同資料相關服務的計畫,例如 Exchange Online 或 SharePoint 線上,或更高版本的服務。You can only upgrade to a plan that has the same data-related services, such as Exchange Online or SharePoint Online, or to a higher version of them. 這可確保在升級期間,使用者不 ' 會丟失與這些服務相關的資料。This ensures that users don't lose data related to those services during the upgrade.

如果您的計畫不符合自動升級計畫,您可以改為 手動變更方案If your plan isn't eligible to upgrade plans automatically, you might be able to change plans manually, instead. 您也可以尋求協助的 支援You can also call support for help.

您的訂閱具有附加元件Your subscription has an add-on

如果您有訂閱的附加元件,您可以 手動變更方案If you have an Add-on with your subscription, you might be able to change plans manually.

您的訂閱有未付款的餘額Your subscription has an unpaid balance

若要解決此問題,請在 [產品] 頁面上找到訂閱,然後選取 [帳單] 區段中的 [立即支付] 連結。To resolve this, find the subscription on the Your products page, and select the Pay now link in the Billing section. 進行付款之後,請再次檢查 [ 升級 ] 索引標籤。After the payment has been made, check the Upgrade tab again.

升級方案對我的服務和計費有何作用?What does upgrading a plan do to my service and billing?

當您使用 [ 切換方案 ] 按鈕自動升級方案 (或在新系統管理中心的 [ 升級 ] 索引標籤) 時,您的服務和計費會受到影響。When you upgrade plans automatically by using the Switch plans button (or the Upgrade tab in the new admin center), your services and billing are affected.

存取服務Access to services

在計畫升級時,系統 管理員 將無法使用系統管理中心。Admins won't be able to use the admin center while the plan is being upgraded. This can take up to an hour.This can take up to an hour.

Users will experience no interruption of service.Users will experience no interruption of service. 他們將繼續擁有現有的服務,直到升級完全完成為止。They will continue to have the existing service until the upgrade is fully completed.

使用者與授權Users and licenses

舊有訂閱的使用者會自動移至新的訂閱。Users on the old subscription will automatically be moved to the new subscription.

如果您的舊訂閱包含多項服務,而且您已變更您的使用者所指派的服務類型,您可能需要在升級計畫之前記下這一點,以便以後可以重新建立這些變更。If your old subscription includes multiple services, and if you have changed which of these services your users are assigned to, you may want to make note of this before you upgrade plans so that you can recreate these changes afterwards. 在新的訂閱中,所有使用者將能夠存取所有的服務。All users will be given access to all services in the new subscription. 例如,如果您先前為所有100的使用者購買 Microsoft 365 商務進階版,但未指派50的 SharePoint Online 服務,則在您升級方案後,就不會保留這項變更。For example, if you previously purchased Microsoft 365 Business Premium for all 100 of your users, but unassigned the SharePoint Online service from 50 of them, this change would not be kept after you upgrade plans.

如果您在升級計畫之前有一個以上的訂閱,並且使用者已將授權指派給一個以上的訂閱,則此指派模式在新的訂閱中將盡可能保留最大的狀態。If you have more than one subscription before you upgrade plans, and have users assigned licenses to more than one subscription, this assignment pattern will be kept as much as possible in the new subscription.

升級期間會保留所有使用者資料,包括 Exchange 信箱及 SharePoint 線上檔、清單及其他資訊。All user data will be retained during the upgrade, including Exchange mailboxes and SharePoint Online documents, lists, and other information.


您的規劃升級已完成,您的舊訂閱上的帳單將會關閉,而新訂閱上的帳單便會開啟。The day your plan upgrade is complete, the billing on your old subscription will be turned off and the billing on your new subscription will be turned on. 您將取得對舊訂閱上任何未使用之服務的按比例貸項。You'll get a prorated credit for any unused service on the old subscription. 在升級至新訂閱的30天內,您會收到包含舊訂閱信用額的新發票。You'll receive a new invoice that includes the credit for your old subscription within 30 days of upgrading to the new subscription.


實際向您的付款帳戶收費所需的時間長短,視用於訂閱的付款方式而定。The length of time it takes to actually credit your payment account depends on the payment method that was used for the subscription.

從預付訂閱升級後,它會過期嗎?Upgrading from a prepaid subscription before it expires? 如果您的新訂閱價值大於或等於預付訂閱的剩餘價值,就不會損失任何預付的時間。If the total cost of your new subscription is greater than or equal to the remaining value of your prepaid subscription, you won't lose any prepaid time. 在結帳頁面上,您會看到未使用時間的時間額度。On the checkout page, you'll see a credit for your unused time. 不過,如果新訂閱總成本低於您目前預付訂閱的剩餘價值,您就會損失一些未使用時間。However, if the total cost of your new subscription is less than the remaining value of your current prepaid subscription, you'll forfeit some of your unused time. 您會在結帳之前通知您,您可以等候升級,直到接近您的預付訂閱到期日為止。You'll be notified before you checkout, and you can wait to upgrade until closer to your prepaid subscription's expiration date.

協助您升級方案的電話支援Call support to help you upgrade plans

撥打 Microsoft 支援服務Call Microsoft support

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