滑杆是用來設定值的 UI 元件。A slider is a UI component used to set a value. 它會提供可調整內容的視覺指示,以及內容總範圍中的目前設定。It provides a visual indication of adjustable content, and the current setting in the total range of content. 它會顯示為任何一側的選項。It's displayed as a track with options on either side. 旋鈕或杠杆會拖曳至一端或另一端來進行選擇,以指出目前的值。A knob or lever is dragged to one end or the other to make the choice, indicating the current value. 您可以直接或距離,直接抓取滑杆來移動縮小滑杆。The Pinch Slider can be moved by directly grabbing the slider, either directly or at a distance. 滑杆使用各種輸入類型,例如注視和點一下和移動控制器。Sliders work with various input types such as gaze and air-tap and a motion controller.

MRTK 中的滑杆 (混合現實工具組) for UnitySlider in MRTK (Mixed Reality Toolkit) for Unity

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