Getting Started with ASP.NET Core


These instructions are for the latest version of ASP.NET Core. Looking to get started with an earlier version? See the 1.1 version of this tutorial.

  1. Install .NET Core.

  2. Create a new .NET Core project.

    On macOS and Linux, open a terminal window. On Windows, open a command prompt.

    mkdir aspnetcoreapp
    cd aspnetcoreapp
    dotnet new web
  3. Run the app.

    The dotnet run command builds the app first if needed.

    dotnet run
  4. Browse to http://localhost:5000

Next steps

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For an introduction to ASP.NET Core concepts and architecture, see ASP.NET Core Introduction and ASP.NET Core Fundamentals.

An ASP.NET Core app can use the .NET Core or .NET Framework Base Class Library and runtime. For more information, see Choosing between .NET Core and .NET Framework.