Azure Active Directory B2C: File Support Requests

You can file support requests for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2C on the Azure portal using the following steps:

  1. Switch from your B2C tenant to another tenant that has an Azure subscription associated with it. Typically, the latter is your employee tenant or the default tenant created for you when you signed up for an Azure subscription. To learn more, see how an Azure subscription is related to Azure AD.

    Support - Switch tenants

  2. After switching tenants, click Help + support.

    Support - Help + Support

  3. Click New support request.

    Support - New

  4. In the Basics blade, use these details and click Next.

    • Issue type is Technical.

    • Choose the appropriate Subscription.

    • Service is Active Directory.

    • Choose the appropriate Support plan. If you don't have one, you can sign up for one here.

      Support - Basics

  5. In the Problem blade, use these details and click Next.

    • Choose the appropriate Severity level.

    • Problem type is B2C.

    • Choose the appropriate Category.

    • Describe your issue in the Details field. Provide details such as the B2C tenant name, description of the problem, error messages, correlation IDs (if available), and so on.

    • In the Time frame field, provide the date and time (including time zone) that the issue occurred.

    • Under File upload, upload all screenshots and files that you think would assist in resolving the issue.

      Support - Problem

  6. In the Contact information blade, add your contact information. Click Create.

    Support - Contact

  7. After submitting your support request, you can monitor it by clicking Help + support on the Startboard, and then Manage support requests.

Known issue: Filing a support request in the context of a B2C tenant

If you missed step 2 outlined above and try to create a support request in the context of your B2C tenant, you will see the following error.


Don't attempt to sign up for a new Azure subscription in your B2C tenant.

Support - No subscription