Edit an API

The steps in this tutorial show you how to use API Management (APIM) to edit an API.

  • You can do it by adding, deleting, renaming operations in the APIM instance.
  • You can edit your API's swagger.


Go to your API Management instance

Navigate to API Management instance

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Select All services.

  3. In the search box, enter api management.

  4. In the search results, select API Management services.

  5. Select your API Management service instance.


To add API Management to your favorites in the Azure portal, select the star.

The API Management icon (API Management icon) now appears in the left menu in the portal.

Edit an API in APIM

Edit an api

  1. Click the APIs tab.
  2. Select one of the APIs that you previously imported.
  3. Select the Design tab.
  4. Select an operation, which you want to edit.
  5. To rename the operation, select a pencil in the Frontend window.

Update the swagger

You can update your backbend API from the Azure portal by following these steps:

  1. Select All operations

  2. Click pencil in the Frontend window.

    Edit an api

    Your API's swagger appears.

    Edit an api

  3. Update the swagger.

  4. Press Save.

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