Deploy resources with Resource Manager templates and Azure portal

This topic shows how to use the Azure portal with Azure Resource Manager to deploy your Azure resources. To learn about managing your resources, see Manage Azure resources through portal.

Currently, not every service supports the portal or Resource Manager. For those services, you need to use the classic portal. For the status of each service, see Azure portal availability chart.

Create resource group

  1. To create an empty resource group, select New > Management > Resource Group.

    create empty resource group

  2. Give it a name and location, and, if necessary, select a subscription. You need to provide a location for the resource group because the resource group stores metadata about the resources. For compliance reasons, you may want to specify where that metadata is stored. In general, we recommend that you specify a location where most of your resources will reside. Using the same location can simplify your template.

    set group values

Deploy resources from Marketplace

After you create a resource group, you can deploy resources to it from the Marketplace. The Marketplace provides pre-defined solutions for common scenarios.

  1. To start a deployment, select New and the type of resource you would like to deploy. Then, look for the particular version of the resource you would like to deploy.

    deploy resource

  2. If you do not see the particular solution you would like to deploy, you can search the Marketplace for it.

    search marketplace

  3. Depending on the type of selected resource, you have a collection of relevant properties to set before deployment. Those options are not shown here, as they vary based on resource type. For all types, you must select a destination resource group. The following image shows how to create a web app and deploy it to the resource group you created.

    create resource group

    Alternatively, you can decide to create a resource group when deploying your resources. Select Create new and give the resource group a name.

    create new resource group

  4. Your deployment begins. The deployment could take a few minutes. When the deployment has finished, you see a notification.

    view notification

  5. After deploying your resources, you can add more resources to the resource group by using the Add command on the resource group blade.

    add resource

Deploy resources from custom template

If you want to execute a deployment but not use any of the templates in the Marketplace, you can create a customized template that defines the infrastructure for your solution. To learn about creating templates, see Authoring Azure Resource Manager templates.

  1. To deploy a customized template through the portal, select New, and start searching for Template Deployment until you can select it from the options.

    search template deployment

  2. Select Template Deployment from the available resources.

    select template deployment

  3. After launching the template deployment, open the blank template that is available for customizing.

    create template

    In the editor, add the JSON syntax that defines the resources you want to deploy. Select Save when done. For guidance on writing the JSON syntax, see Resource Manager template walkthrough.

    edit template

  4. Or, you can select a pre-existing template from the Azure quickstart templates. These templates are contributed by the community. They cover many common scenarios, and someone may have added a template that is similar to what you are trying to deploy. You can search the templates to find something that matches your scenario.

    select quickstart template

    You can view the selected template in the editor.

  5. After providing all the other values, select Create to deploy the template.

    deploy template

Deploy resources from a template saved to your account

The portal enables you to save a template to your Azure account, and redeploy it later. For more information about working with these saved templates, Get started with private templates on the Azure portal.

  1. To find your saved templates, select Browse > Templates.

    browse templates

  2. From the list of templates saved to your account, select the one you wish to work on.

    saved templates

  3. Select Deploy to redeploy this saved template.

    deploy saved template

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