Resolve errors for resource provider registration

This article describes the errors you may encounter when using a resource provider that you haven't previously used in your subscription.


When deploying resource, you may receive the following error code and message:

Code: NoRegisteredProviderFound
Message: No registered resource provider found for location {location}
and API version {api-version} for type {resource-type}.

Or, you may receive a similar message that states:

Code: MissingSubscriptionRegistration
Message: The subscription is not registered to use namespace {resource-provider-namespace}

The error message should give you suggestions for the supported locations and API versions. You can change your template to one of the suggested values. Most providers are registered automatically by the Azure portal or the command-line interface you're using, but not all. If you haven't used a particular resource provider before, you may need to register that provider.


You receive these errors for one of three reasons:

  • The resource provider hasn't been registered for your subscription
  • API version not supported for the resource type
  • Location not supported for the resource type

Solution 1 - PowerShell

For PowerShell, use Get-AzureRmResourceProvider to see your registration status.

Get-AzureRmResourceProvider -ListAvailable

To register a provider, use Register-AzureRmResourceProvider and provide the name of the resource provider you wish to register.

Register-AzureRmResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Cdn

To get the supported locations for a particular type of resource, use:

((Get-AzureRmResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Web).ResourceTypes | Where-Object ResourceTypeName -eq sites).Locations

To get the supported API versions for a particular type of resource, use:

((Get-AzureRmResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Web).ResourceTypes | Where-Object ResourceTypeName -eq sites).ApiVersions

Solution 2 - Azure CLI

To see whether the provider is registered, use the az provider list command.

az provider list

To register a resource provider, use the az provider register command, and specify the namespace to register.

az provider register --namespace Microsoft.Cdn

To see the supported locations and API versions for a resource type, use:

az provider show -n Microsoft.Web --query "resourceTypes[?resourceType=='sites'].locations"

Solution 3 - Azure portal

You can see the registration status and register a resource provider namespace through the portal.

  1. From the portal, select All services.

    Select all services

  2. Select Subscriptions.

    Select subscriptions

  3. From the list of subscriptions, select the subscription you want to use for registering the resource provider.

    Select subscription to register resource provider

  4. For your subscription, select Resource providers.

    Select resource providers

  5. Look at the list of resource providers, and if necessary, select the Register link to register the resource provider of the type you're trying to deploy.

    List resource providers