Create an Event Hubs namespace and an event hub using the Azure portal

Create an Event Hubs namespace

  1. Log on to the Azure portal, and click Create a resource at the top left of the screen.
  2. Click Internet of Things, and then click Event Hubs.

  3. In Create namespace, enter a namespace name. The system immediately checks to see if the name is available.

  4. After making sure the namespace name is available, choose the pricing tier (Basic or Standard). Also, choose an Azure subscription, resource group, and location in which to create the resource.

  5. Click Create to create the namespace. You may have to wait a few minutes for the system to fully provision the resources.

  6. In the portal list of namespaces, click the newly created namespace.

  7. Click Shared access policies, and then click RootManageSharedAccessKey.

  8. Click the copy button to copy the RootManageSharedAccessKey connection string to the clipboard. Save this connection string in a temporary location, such as Notepad, to use later.

Create an event hub

  1. In the Event Hubs namespace list, click the newly created namespace.

  2. In the namespace blade, click Event Hubs.

  3. At the top of the blade, click + Event Hub.

  4. Type a name for your event hub, then click Create.

Your event hub is now created, and you have the connection strings you need to send and receive events.

Next steps

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