Customize the Azure IoT Central UI

This article describes how, as an administrator, you can customize the UI of your application by applying custom themes and modifying the help links to point to your own custom help resources.

The following screenshot shows a page using the standard theme:

Standard IoT Central theme

The following screenshot shows a page using a custom screenshot with the customized UI elements highlighted:

Custom IoT Central theme

Create theme

To create a custom theme, navigate to the Customize your application page in the Administration section:

IoT Central themes

On this page, you can customize the following aspects of your application:

A PNG image, no larger than 1 MB, with a transparent background. This logo displays to the left on the IoT Central application title bar.

If your logo image includes the name of your application, you can hide the application name text. For more information, see Manage your application.

Browser icon (favicon)

A PNG image, no larger than 32 x 32 pixels, with a transparent background. A web browser can use this image in the address bar, history, bookmarks, and browser tab.

Browser colors

You can change the color of the page header and the color used for accenting buttons and other highlights. Use a six character hex color value in the format ##ff6347. For more information about HEX Value color notation, see HTML Colors.


You can always revert back to the default options on the Customize your application page.

Changes for operators

If an administrator creates a custom theme, then operators and other users of your application can no longer choose a theme in Settings.

To provide custom help information to your operators and other users, you can modify the links on the application Help menu.

To modify the help links, navigate to the Customize help page in the Administration section:

Customize IoT Central help links

You can also add new entries to the help menu and remove default entries:

Customized IoT Central help


You can always revert back to the default help links on the Customize help page.

Next steps

Now that you've learned how to customize the UI in your IoT Central application, here are some suggested next steps: