Create and manage Lab Services schedules within Teams

Schedules allow you to configure a classroom lab such that VMs in the lab automatically start and shut down at a specified time. You can define a one-time schedule or a recurring schedule. The following procedures give you steps to create and manage schedules for a classroom lab:

Here's how schedules affect lab virtual machines:

  • Template virtual machine is not included in schedules.
  • Only assigned virtual machines are started. This means, if a machine is not claimed by an end user (student), the machine will not start on the scheduled hours.
  • All virtual machines (whether claimed by a user or not) are stopped based on the lab schedule.


The scheduled running time of VMs does not count against the quota allotted to a user. The quota is for the time outside of schedule hours that a student spends on VMs.

Users can create, edit, and delete lab schedules within Teams just as in the labs website. Refer to the article on creating and managing schedules.

Automatic shutdown and disconnect settings

You can enable several autoshutdown cost control features to proactively prevent additional costs when the virtual machines are not being actively used. The combination of the following three automatic shutdown and disconnect features catches most of the cases where users accidentally leave their virtual machines running:  

  • Automatically disconnect users from virtual machines that the OS deems idle.
  • Automatically shut down virtual machines when users disconnect.
  • Automatically shut down virtual machines that are started but users don't connect.

For more details, refer to the article on configuring auto-shutdown settings for a lab.

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