Export Data module

This article describes a module in Azure Machine Learning designer (preview).

Use this module to save results, intermediate data, and working data from your pipelines into cloud storage destinations outside Azure Machine Learning.

This module supports exporting your data to the following cloud data services:

  • Azure Blob Container
  • Azure File Share
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure Data Lake Gen2

Before exporting your data, you need to first register a datastore in your Azure Machine Learning workspace first. For more information, see How to Access Data.

How to configure Export Data

  1. Add the Export Data module to your pipeline in the designer. You can find this module in the Input and Output category.

  2. Connect Export Data to the module that contains the data you want to export.

  3. Select Export Data to open the Properties pane.

  4. For Datastore, select an existing datastore from the dropdown list. You can also create a new datastore. Check how by visiting how-to-access-data

  5. Define the path in the datastore to write the data to.

  6. For File format, select the format in which data should be stored.

  7. Run the pipeline.

Next steps

See the set of modules available to Azure Machine Learning.