Azure Search Documentation

Learn how to create an enterprise search solution over private, heterogenous content using Azure Search. Tutorials, API references, and other docs show you how to consolidate searchable content into a single fast index, queryable using simple-to-advanced syntax for a broad range of scenarios.

Cognitive search is a feature of Azure Search that attaches AI processes to indexing, detecting text and characteristics in image files, and finding patterns in large blocks of unstructured text. AI processes are backed by Cognitive Services.

Knowledge store (Preview) extends cognitive search, saving AI enrichments to storage where you can view, reshape, and consume them in client apps or downstream processes.

5-Minute Quickstarts

Start with a Search service in the portal, then define, load, and query indexes in C# or REST.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Code in .NET or REST, or try the portal for quick concept testing.

  1. Use the portal for indexing and query testing
  2. Use .NET to write your first search solution
  3. Enrich with AI (Cognitive Services)
  4. Index Azure SQL Database content with .NET
  5. Index semi-structured data in Azure Blob storage with REST