Configure Azure Firewall in a Virtual WAN hub

A secured hub is an Azure Virtual WAN hub with Azure Firewall. This article walks you through the steps to convert a virtual WAN hub to a secured hub by installing Azure Firewall directly from the Azure Virtual WAN portal pages.

Before you begin

The steps in this article assume that you have already deployed a virtual WAN with one or more hubs.

To create a new virtual WAN and a new hub, use the steps in the following articles:

View virtual hubs

The Overview page for your virtual WAN shows a list of virtual hubs and secured hubs. The following figure shows a virtual WAN with no secured hubs.

Screenshot shows the Overview page for a virtual WAN with a list of virtual hubs.

Convert to secured hub

  1. On the Overview page for your virtual WAN, select the hub that you want to convert to a secured hub. On the virtual hub page, you see two options to deploy Azure Firewall into this hub. Select either option.

    Screenshot shows the Overview page for your virtual WAN where you can select either Convert to secure hub or Azure Firewall.

  2. After you select one of the options, you see the Convert to secure hub page. Select a hub to convert, and then select Next: Azure Firewall at the bottom of the page.

    Screenshot of Convert to secure hub with a hub selected.

  3. After completing the workflow, select Confirm.

    Screenshot shows the Convert to secure hub pane with Confirm selected.

  4. After the hub has been converted to a secured hub, you can view it on the virtual WAN Overview page.

    Screenshot of view secured hub.

View hub resources

From the virtual WAN Overview page, select the secured hub. On the hub page, you can view all the virtual hub resources, including Azure Firewall.

To view Azure Firewall settings from the secured hub, under Security, select Secured virtual hub settings.

Screenshot of Secured virtual hub settings.

Configure additional settings

To configure additional Azure Firewall settings for the virtual hub, select the link to Azure Firewall Manager. For information about firewall policies, see Azure Firewall Manager.

Screenshot of Overview with Manage security provider route settings for this Secured virtual hub in Azure Firewall Manager selected.

To return to the hub Overview page, you can navigate back by clicking the path, as shown by the arrow in the following figure.

Screenshot showing how to return to the overview page.

Upgrade to Azure Firewall Premium

At any time, it is possible to upgrade from Azure Firewall Standard to Premium following these instructions. This operation will require a maintenance windows since some minimal downtime will be generated.

Next steps

For more information about Virtual WAN, see the FAQ.