Getting started

Onboarding Clarity is free and easy. If you're new to Clarity, start by signing up.

Follow the steps below to sign up and start using Clarity right away.


Clarity should not be used on sites containing sensitive data, including information related to government, user health care, or user financial services. For more information, please see Clarity's Terms of use.

Sign up to Clarity

Step 1

Go to and select Sign up.

signup step 1.

Step 2

Choose a sign-up method and follow the steps on the screen.

signup step 2.

Step 3

On successful sign-in, you can view the Projects page.

signup step 3.


Wanna check out what Clarity is, try our live Demo.

Add a new project

You can add an unlimited number of projects for each domain or website.

Step 1

Sign in to your Clarity account.

Step 2


Select add a new project.

Step 3

Enter the Name, Website details, and select the category from the dropdown list. Select Create once done.

Add details and select create.

Step 4

You can view all your projects on the Projects page. You can also access the projects through the dropdown menu, 'My Projects'.

projects page and dropdown.

Step 5

Once the project is successfully added, you'll be the Admin with permissions to manage the project settings. Check Team management to know more.


Each project you add to your Clarity account will have its unique tracking code. To start using Clarity for your project, you must finish the Setup process.

Project management

Once you create a project, go to the Settings tab. Through Settings, you can manage your project, team, and set up the Clarity tracking Code.


You can only modify project settings if you are an Admin of the project.


You can rename the project and change the site category in the overview section.

Project settings overview for an Admin.

Site category

The available options under the Site category are:

Project settings category.

Delete a project


  • You can delete a project only if you are an Admin of the project.
  • Once you delete a project, you will not be able to recover any data associated with that project.
  • Deleting a project will remove it completely for all team members. You will not be able to undo this action.

You can delete a project in two ways:

Delete the project under Settings

Step 1

Go to the Settings tab and select Overview.

Go to team.

Step 2

Select Delete this project. Confirm Delete on the pop-up window.

Select delete this project.

Delete project on the projects page

You can also delete the project on the Projects page. Select the Delete icon on the project. Confirm Delete on the pop-up window.

Delete project on projects page.


For more answers, refer to Getting Started in FAQ.

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