Connect Smartsheet to Microsoft Cloud App Security (Preview)

This article provides instructions for connecting Microsoft Cloud App Security to your existing Smartsheet using the App Connector APIs. This connection gives you visibility into and control over your organization's Smartsheet use.


  • The Smartsheet user used for logging into Smartsheet must be a System Admin.
  • Supported Smartsheet licenses:
    • Enterprise plan with Platinum package.

How to connect Smartsheet to Cloud App Security

Configure Smartsheet

  1. Register to add Developer Tools to your existing Smartsheet account:

    1. Add your Smartsheet mail here.


    2. Enter your mailbox and activate your Developer Tools by clicking the activation mail.

    3. In the redirected screen in Smartsheet select Create Developer Profile, fill your name and mail, select Save, and then Close. Smartsheet_create_developer_tools.

  2. In Smartsheet, enter Developer Tools: Smartsheet_entering_developer_tools.

  3. In Developer Tools, select Create New App: Smartsheet_developer_tools.

  4. In the new app creation page, fill the following:

    • App name: Microsoft Cloud App Security (you can also choose another name).
    • Description: Microsoft Cloud App Security connects to Smartsheet via its API and detects threats within users' activity. (you can also choose another description).
    • App URL:
    • App contact/support:
    • App Redirect URL:
    • Publish app: Yes.
    • Logo: keep empty. Smartsheet_OAuth_app_creation.
  5. Select Save, and copy the App client id and App secret that was generated. You'll need it in the following steps.

Configure Cloud App Security


The Smartsheet user that is configuring the integration must always remain a Smartsheet admin, even after the connector is installed.

  1. In the Cloud App Security portal, select Investigate and then Connected apps.

  2. In the App connectors page, select the plus button followed by Smartsheet.

  3. In the pop-up, give the connector a descriptive name, and press Connect Smartsheet.


  4. In the next screen, enter the following fields:

    • Client ID: the app client id that you've saved.
    • Client Secret: the app secret that you've saved.
  5. Select Connect in Smartsheet.

  6. Make sure the connection succeeded by selecting Test now. Testing may take a few minutes. After receiving a success notice, select Close.

  7. The first connection can take up to four hours to get all users and their activities in the seven days before the connection.

  8. After the connector’s Status is marked as Connected, the connector is live and works.

Activities limitations

  • Login/Logouts activities are not supported by Smartsheet.
  • Smartsheet activities don't contain IP addresses.
  • System activities will be shown with the Smartsheet account name.

Rate limits

The default rate limit is 300 requests per minute. For more information, see Smartsheet documentation.

Next steps

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