Create custom connectors in solutions

Move your custom connectors along with Canvas apps, Flows, and CDS customizations in a single package. Solutions have the added benefit of managing your customizations in Azure DevOps and automating your CI/CD process.

Getting started

Solutions are accessible both from PowerApps and Flow.


You must have a license for the Common Data Service or Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and a valid security role granting create access for connectors.


  1. Click the solutions tab
  2. Create a new solution or open an existing unmanaged solution
  3. Click new then click Custom connector
  4. A new tab opens to create a new custom connector
  5. Once finished, click Save
  6. Now it's ok to close the browser tab. You'll see the new custom connector listed within your solution.
  7. To migrate the custom connector and any other customizations, export your solution, then import to the target environment.


You will need to re-enter credentials required by the connector, then create connections.

Known limitations

  • Adding custom connectors created outside a solution
  • Referencing Environment variables
  • Dependencies are not logged
  • Managed properties
  • Sharing with Azure Active Directory (AAD) Groups
  • Backup/Restore/Copy
  • Custom connectors are not available in classic solution explorer

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