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Enabled for Public preview General availability
End users by admins, makers, or analysts This feature is released. Oct 1, 2020 Dec 2020

Business value

Make decisions faster as a team by bringing business data into Microsoft Teams, the hub for collaboration in Microsoft 365. Whether you're in conversation with coworkers, preparing cross-department financial budgets, or bringing roles together for an important project, the Business Central app for Teams streamlines conversations and allows you to act on your Business Central data without leaving Teams.

Feature details

Customers can install the Business Central app from the Teams store when the app becomes available in preview in October 2020. Business users can search for the app from their Teams client, and administrators can make this available to all users based on organizational policies specified in the Microsoft Teams administration center.

Features available in preview from October 2020

The app provides two distinct but related features that help streamline conversations and empower users to act on their business data without leaving Teams:

  • Paste a link to any Business Central record into Teams chat, and it will expand that into a compact card to share with your coworkers.
  • View the full card details in a window inside Teams, including FactBoxes and other embedded content such as charts. Edit fields, initiate workflows, and take action from the window without having to switch apps.

Conversation between coworkers in Microsoft Teams with business data as the topic of conversation

Viewing Business Central record details directly within Teams

It's not about furniture

The Business Central app for Teams is designed to work with your customizations and solutions. No matter your role, industry, or geography, you can paste a link to almost any business entity that you work with.

A variety of Teams cards

Features available after October 2020

Look up and access Business Central data directly from within Teams.

Get ready to go

We encourage developers to assess whether any lightweight adjustments are needed to deliver an optimal experience within Teams. Adjusting the content of a Teams card is as simple as specifying a Brick field group for the table, or subscribing to one of the new AL events. Learn about adding field groups.


  • The app is not intended to work with on-premises, hosted or private cloud deployments of Business Central. The only supported deployment type is Business Central online (SaaS).
  • The app is not intended to work with any versions of the Business Central service, platform or business application prior to version 17.0.X.X.

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