Update quotas quickly with inline editing and quota rollups


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts - - Jul 2022

Business value

When planning for an upcoming sales period, organizations may need to access various sources for quota information, which can be difficult to pull into the forecast module. By providing the ability to edit quotas and simple columns inline, team members with the most current information can seamlessly update forecasts in seconds.

Furthermore, sometimes quotas for managers and leaders are simply rollups of all their teams' quotas. Instead of manually entering these, you can now set these quotas (and simple columns) as rollups for auto-calculating.

In addition, a manager's quota often needs to remain current as sellers may move from team to team and take their quota with them. A new capability to roll up a simple column will allow managers to see constantly updated views of their quotas.

Feature details

As an administrator, you can:

  • Enable inline editing of quotas directly in the forecast configuration.
  • Determine if quotas should be rolled up across the hierarchy in the forecast configuration.

As a manager or seller, you can:

  • Edit quotas and simple columns directly inline in the forecast grid.