The “Ready to Go” program

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business management solution that helps companies connect their financials, sales, service, and operations to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions, and make better decisions.

The “Ready to Go” program is designed to support you in the journey of bringing your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers into Microsoft Appsource. The program contains the following three core elements that you can leverage:

Element 1: "Ready to Go" online learning

The "Ready to Go" online learning catalog is an extensive library of training resources for both app developers (ISVs) as well as resellers (VARs). It is a collection of materials for marketeers, business decision makers, sales and presales persons, architects, consultants, and developers.

Get high level introduction knowledge on the opportunities you have to provide various apps or consulting services on Microsoft Appsource, as a partner you can:

If you want to have more in depth learning resources to get up to speed, then you can get a sneak-peek of the extensive set of "Ready to Go" materials available in the learning catalog.


We recommend that you bookmark the "Ready to Go" online learning catalog. New materials will appear in the catalog on a weekly basis.

Element 2: "Ready to Go" Coaching

"Ready to Go" coaching is a collection of in-person/hybrid workshops or trainings run by Microsoft, Microsoft Development Centers and Master VARs. These coaching sessions bring technical services and coaching.

Microsoft Development Centers are independently owned companies which provide services to partners. Over time they have developed lots of best practices by supporting multiple partners, they also have strong ties with Microsoft’s R&D teams and are always up to date on the latest strategy and product innovation.

An example of one of the coaching sessions provided by the Development Centers and Master VARs are the “Ready to Go” validation workshops. The "Ready to Go" validation workshop is an 8h workshop at fixed price. It is co-developed with Microsoft and designed to coach you in bringing in your first Dynamics 365 Business Central customer or App into Microsoft AppSource.

Please find the Development Centers and Master VARs in your region and explore which "Ready to Go" offerings they provide.

Coach 1ClickFactory Ciellos Cloud Ready Software Innova Consulting QBS Group Velosio
Type of coach Development Center Development Center Development Center Development Center Master VAR Master VAR
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Element 3: "Ready to Go" platform

The "Ready to Go" platform is designed to support you in the actual App development, including testing and learning scenario’s. The platform provides you with various builds of Dynamics 365 Business Central (cf. both current, upcoming and daily builds are available). Moreover, the platform also enables you to provide direct feedback to the Microsoft engineers who are working on Dynamics 365 Business Central.

To get access to the available builds on the platform you need to follow the instructions stipulated in the documentation on “Getting you started with Add-on Apps” and “Getting you started with Connect Apps”.

Useful resources

Guidelines and General information

Guidelines for developing and publishing Business Central apps:

The “Ready to Go” Online Learning Catalog

Get a sneak-peek of the extensive set of "Ready to Go" resources available in the online learning catalog.

Monthly “Ready to Go” Office Hours call

“Ready to Go” Office Hours is a monthly call that takes place the second Tuesday of every month. The call is structured as a FAQ session, where a team of our different experts will be present to answer any technical or marketing related questions that you may have in relation to bringing your app into AppSource. Sign up for the individual calls that you want to participate in here:


Use the github forum to ask, or search, the community and Microsoft experts for questions respectively. Go to: now and start asking away.

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If you have any other technical questions in relation to developing your app, then please email

If you have questions or feedback about the “Ready to Go” program offering, please contact us here.