Product recommendations on POS


Dynamics 365 Retail is now Dynamics 365 Commerce - offering comprehensive omnichannel commerce across e-Commerce, in-store, and call center. For more information about these changes, see Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

At its core, product recommendations are a transformative business application that span across all commerce spaces to create rich, engaging, and tailored product discovery experiences. To implement this feature on POS, follow the steps on how to add recommendations to your POS devices.

For more information about product recommendations features, read the product recommendations overview.


Product recommendations are enabled for the following POS scenarios. They are available in Cloud POS or Modern POS (MPOS).

  1. On the Product details page:

    • If a store associate visits a Product details page when looking at previous transactions across different channels, the recommendations service suggests additional items that are likely to be purchased together.

    Recommendations on the Product details page

  2. On the Transaction page:

    • The recommendation engine suggests items based on the entire list of items in the basket that are frequently bought together.


    To display recommendations on the Transaction page, the retailer needs to update the screen layout in Dynamics 365 Commerce. The Recommendations control must be dropped onto the Transaction page.

    Recommendations on the Transaction page

Configure Commerce to enable POS recommendations

To set up product recommendations, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your service has been updated to the 10.0.6 build.
  2. Follow the instructions on how to enable product recommendations for your business.
  3. Optional: To display recommendations on the transaction screen, go to Screen Layout, choose your screen layout, launch the Screen layout designer, and then drop the recommendations control where needed.
  4. Go to Commerce parameters, select Machine-learning, select Yes under Enable POS recommendations.
  5. To see recommendations on POS, run global configuration job 1110. To reflect changes made to POS screen layout designer, run channel configuration job 1070.

Troubleshoot issues where you have Product recommendations already enabled

  • Navigate to Commerce Parameters > Recommendation lists > Disable product recommendations and run Global configuration job [9999].
  • If you added the Recommendations control to your transaction screen using the Screen layout designer, please remove that as well.
  • If you have additional questions, check out the Product recommendations FAQ for more information.

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