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Database movement operations are a suite of self-service actions that can be used as part of Data Application Lifecycle Management (also referred to as DataALM). These actions provide structured processes for common implementation scenarios such as golden configuration promotion, debugging/diagnostics, destructive testing, and general refresh for training purposes.

In this topic, you will learn how to use database movement operations to perform refresh, export, import, and various flavors of point-in-time restore.

Database movement quick start guides

Learn how to perform the individual operations on your Standard or Premier Acceptance Test environments:

Step-by-step tutorials

Learn how to achieve common implementation scenarios using DataALM to your advantage:

Database Movement API

The Database Movement application programming interface (API) lets you integrate several of the previously mentioned database movement operations into your overall ALM process. In addition, by using the API together with your preferred scheduling engine, you can build recurrence into the process, so that it runs daily or on demand.


New features around point-in-time restore, and RESTful APIs are in private preview. To sign up for the private preview program, please complete the private preview survey.