RelationalEventId RelationalEventId Enum


Values that are used as the eventId when logging messages from a relational database provider via .

public enum RelationalEventId
Public Enum RelationalEventId


AmbientTransactionWarning AmbientTransactionWarning

An ambient transaction is present, which is not fully supported by Entity Framework Core.

ApplyingMigration ApplyingMigration

A migration is being applied to the database.

ApplyingMigrationSql ApplyingMigrationSql

The SQL for a migration being applied.

BeginningTransaction BeginningTransaction

A transaction is beginning.

ClosingConnection ClosingConnection

A connection is being closed.

CommittingTransaction CommittingTransaction

A transaction is being committed.

CreatingDatabase CreatingDatabase

A database is being created.

ExecutedCommand ExecutedCommand

A command was executed against the database.

GeneratingMigrationDownScript GeneratingMigrationDownScript

The revert script is being generated for a migration.

GeneratingMigrationUpScript GeneratingMigrationUpScript

The apply script is being generated for a migration.

MigrateUsingConnection MigrateUsingConnection

Migrations are being applied on the database.

OpeningConnection OpeningConnection

A connection is being opened.

PossibleIncorrectResultsUsingLikeOperator PossibleIncorrectResultsUsingLikeOperator

Linq translation of 'Contains', 'EndsWith' and 'StartsWith' functions may produce incorrect results when searched value contains wildcard characters.

PossibleUnintendedUseOfEqualsWarning PossibleUnintendedUseOfEqualsWarning

Two entities were compared for equality in a LINQ query, which may not produce the desired result.

QueryClientEvaluationWarning QueryClientEvaluationWarning

A LINQ query is being executed where some of the query will be evaluated on the client (i.e. part of the query can not be translated to SQL).

RevertingMigration RevertingMigration

A migration is being reverted.

RevertingMigrationSql RevertingMigrationSql

The SQL for a migration being reverted.

RollingbackTransaction RollingbackTransaction

A transaction is being rolled back.