Onboarding Phases

Windows 10 onboarding has four primary phases—Initiate, Assess, Remediate, and Enable.


During this phase, we discuss the onboarding process, verify your data, and set up a kickoff meeting. This includes working with you to understand your Windows 10 intention.


FastTrack Specialists work with you to assess your source environment and the requirements. Ensure that System Center Configuration Manager is upgraded to the required level to support the Windows 10 deployment.

We provide recommended options for you to assess your Windows 10 apps. FastTrack provides guidance to enable use of Desktop Analytics and guides you through creation of a Desktop Analytics deployment plan.

FastTrack can also guide your Office 365 ProPlus compatibility assessment by leveraging the Office 365 readiness dashboard in Configuration Manager or with the stand-alone Readiness Toolkit for Office. For more information on available services, see FastTrack Center Benefit for Office 365.

FastTrack also assesses modern management strategies for you, including cloud-attaching Configuration Manager with Microsoft Intune or deploying Intune as the sole cloud management solution.


You do the remediation tasks based on your source environment so that you meet the requirements for onboarding. We provide a remediation checklist to prepare your environment and validate that these elements are in place to bring your source environment up to the minimum requirements for a successful deployment.


FastTrack provides guidance to upgrade your existing devices to Windows 10 Enterprise as long as they meet the needed device hardware requirements. Upgrade guidance is provided to support your existing deployment motion. FastTrack recommends and provides guidance for an in-place upgrade to Windows 10. Guidance is also available for Windows clean image installation and Windows Autopilot deployment scenarios.

We provide guidance to deploy Office 365 ProPlus using Configuration Manager as part of the Windows 10 deployment. See Office 365 ProPlus for more details on associated services.

We provide guidance to help your organization to stay up-to-date with Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365 ProPlus using your existing Configuration Manager environment or Microsoft 365.

Where required, FastTrack can guide customers to enable modern management by cloud-attaching Configuration Manager to Intune or by deploying Intune standalone. See FastTrack Center Benefit Process for Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) for more details on the associated services.


If you don’t have an existing plan or process for deployment and maintenance, we can provide best practice guidance based on the in-place upgrade scenario (recommended) or Windows Autopilot.

Out of scope

FastTrack doesn’t provide guidance for:

  • Upgrading Configuration Manager to Current Branch.

  • Creating custom images for Windows 10 deployment.

  • Creating and supporting deployment scripts for Windows 10 deployment.

  • Converting a Windows 10 system from BIOS to Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).

  • Enabling Windows 10 security features.

  • Configuring Windows Deployment Services (WDS) for Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) booting.

  • Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) to capture and deploy Windows 10 images.

  • Using the User State Migration Tool (USMT).


    Contact a Microsoft partner to provide assistance with services identified as out of scope.