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Teams app submission

Make your app available in the Microsoft Teams app catalog and on the web by publishing it to AppSource. At a high level, the process for submitting your app to AppSource is as follows:

  1. Develop your app by following the design guidelines. Tabs must follow the tab design guidelines for both, desktop and web and mobile. Bots must follow the bot design guidelines.
  2. Ensure your app meets the app validation policies for Microsoft Teams.
  3. Test your app with the Manifest validation tool.
  4. Set up a developer account in Partner Center. See also How do I create a Partner Center account in the FAQ section.
  5. Prepare your app for submission by following the submission checklist.
  6. Review the most failed test cases for a quicker app quality approval.
  7. Submit your package to AppSource through Partner Center.
  8. Track the approval process on your Partner Center dashboard. See Partner Center Overview.
  9. After submission, review the guidance for Maintaining and supporting your published app.


  • Your Teams app must be mobile-responsive and comply with no upsell requirements on mobile OS (iOS and Android).
  • If your Teams app contains a bot, you must comply with the Bot Developer Framework Code of Conduct.
  • If your app contains an Office 365 Connector, additional terms may apply. See Connectors Developer Dashboard and App Developer Agreement.
  • To make your app available for Government Community Cloud (GCC) users and to avoid duplicate app listings in the store, the auth process or flow must identify and route the user to the specified or expected content URL for GCC users.

FAQs — Teams apps and Partner account verification process in Partner Center

How do I create a Partner Center account?

There are two ways to create a Partner Center account:

  • If you are new to Partner Center and don't have an account in the Microsoft network, create an account using the Partner Center enrollment page.
  • If you are already enrolled in the Partner Network, create an account directly in Partner Center using an existing enrollment page.

What if I cannot find my Office Store account in Partner Center?

Open a Partner Center support ticket and select the following from the drop-down menus:

Menu Option
Category Commercial Marketplace
Topic General Marketplace Help and How-to questions
Subtopic Office add-in

Where can I get support for my Partner Center account issues?

Visit the publishers support page to search for your issue topic and find guidance. If the provided guidance is not helpful, raise a Partner Center support ticket.

How do I manage my Office Store account in Partner Center?

Visit the Manage your Office Store account through Partner Center for guidance.

How do I add my phone number to the partner profile contact section?

The phone number has three parts, country code, area code, and telephone number. If your phone number doesn't include an area code, then leave the second box empty, and complete the third box.

How do I manage my account settings and partner profile in Partner Center?

Visit the Manage account settings and profile info page for guidance on managing your Partner Center account settings.

Why do I receive the message, "This account is not publish eligible," when I try to submit my add-in through Partner Center?

You receive the above error message when your account verification status is pending. Check your account verification status in the Partner Center dashboard. Select Settings, the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the page header shell. Choose Developer settings => Account => Account settings.

Partner Center account settings page

Partner Center verification status

The status of each required step, such as Email Ownership, Employment Verification, and Business Verification, are displayed in the account verification process. After the verification process is complete, the verification status of your enrollment on the profile page changes from pending to authorized. The process steps are no longer displayed.

Partner Center verification error

What is verified in the Partner Center account verification process and how to respond?

There are three verification areas, Email Ownership, Employment, and Business. For more information on the verification process, see What is verified and how to respond. If you are the primary contact, Global admin, or Account admin, go to your Partner Profile to monitor verification status and track the progress.

After the verification process is complete, the verification status of your enrollment on the profile page changes from pending to authorized. After authorization, the process steps and their status are no longer available on the page. The primary contact receives an email from Microsoft within a few business days after the verification is complete.

My account Verification status has not advanced beyond Email Ownership in the Partner Center. How should I proceed?

During the Email Ownership verification process, a verification email is sent to the primary contact email address. Check your primary contact inbox for an email from with the subject line Action needed: Verify your email account with Microsoft. Complete the email verification process. The verification email is sent to the email address listed on your account settings page in Partner Center.


  • The email verification link is only valid for seven days.
  • You can request us to resend the email by visiting your partner profile page and selecting the Resend verification email link.
  • To ensure that email is received, safe list the email from as a secure domain, and check your junk email folders.

Visit the Support for the Commercial Marketplace program in Partner Center page for guidance and steps to create a support ticket.

I've checked my mail folders and haven't received the verification email. What must I do next?

Try the following:

  • Check your junk or spam folder.
  • Clear the browser cache, go to your Partner Center account dashboard, and select the Resend verification email link to have the verification email resent to your email address.
  • Try accessing the Resend verification email link from a different browser.
  • Work with your IT department to ensure that the verification emails are not blocked by the email server.
  • Adjust your server's spam filter to allow or safe-list all emails from

How long does the employment verification process usually take?

If all the submitted details are correct, the employment verification process takes around two hours to complete.

How long does the business verification process usually take?

If all the required documents are submitted, business verification takes one to two business days to complete.

If I reach out to the support team, will my ticket be expedited?

Support tickets get resolved in a week. Check for updates sent to the email ID provided when raising the support ticket.

My issue is not listed here. Are there other pages I can reference for Partner Center issues?

See the commercial marketplace documentation for more help.

I've created a support ticket, it has been 7 business days, and I haven't received an update. Where can I get additional help?

Send an email to with the following details:

  • Subject Line: Partner Center Account Issue for <App_Name> (specify the name of your app).
  • Email body:
    • Support ticket number
    • Your seller ID
    • A screenshot of the issue (if possible)

App category mapping

Teams Category PC Categories
Analytics and BI Analytics, Data Visualization and BI
Developer and IT Developer Tools, IT Admin
Education Education
Human resources Human Resources and Recruiting
Productivity Content Management, Files and documents, Productivity, Training and Tutorials, and Utilities
Project management Communication, Project Management, Workflow, and Business Management
Sales and support Customer and Contact Management, Customer Support, Financial Management, Sales and Marketing
Social and fun Image and Video Galleries, Lifestyle, News and Weather, Social, Travel, and Navigation