Partner features as described below are not yet available in Office 365 operated by 21Vianet.

As an authorized Microsoft partner, Microsoft Office 365 offers you an opportunity to grow your customer base and create lasting relationships with them. For a monthly or annual fee paid to you, your customers can use cloud-based services so they don't have to manage data backups, server hardware, and server updates. The services available to you depend on the types of services you are authorized to provide.


For more information on how to use partner features, see Build your business and administer your Office 365 partner subscription and review the partner features presentation. To receive access to the partner features, you can join Cloud Essentials by signing the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement.

Create trial invitations and purchase orders

You can create and send trial invitations to your customers so they can try Office 365 by using the Partner overview page in Office 365. The invitation can contain one or more services, depending on the offer. If you're certified to offer delegated administration, you can add an option to the trial invitation that allows you to administer the account on behalf of your customer. This makes it easier for your customer to try Office 365.

After you've sent a trial invitation for Office 365 to a customer, you can follow up by creating and sending a purchase offer that's customized to fit the needs of your customer including the specific services and the number of licenses your customer needs. If you're certified to offer delegated administration, you can add the option to the purchase offer that allows you to administer the account on behalf of your customer.

Provide delegated administration

Delegated administration allows a partner to have full administrative access to all the customer's services and subscriptions. This means you can perform administrative tasks on behalf of customers (including setting up mailboxes, adding or removing users and groups, data migration, and submitting service requests to Microsoft Customer Service and Support). Delegated administration capability is offered exclusively for partners who are enrolled in Cloud Essentials, Cloud Accelerate or the Cloud Deployment programs.

Before you can start administering a customer's account, the customer must authorize you as a delegated administrator. To get customer approval, you send them an offer for delegated administration, which you can include with a trial invitation or purchase offer. The customer authorizes a Delegated Administration partner by responding to the partner's invitational email.

Each Office 365 customer is entitled to have one delegated administration partner. This partner can also be a customer's Partner of Record (POR) but does not need to be. The roles of POR and delegated administration partners are separate, and the customer designates them separately. This lets a customer choose one partner for purchase advice and another partner for implementation or managed services. It also lets partners choose whether to build business with a specialty in one or both of these roles.

Even when a customer has authorized a partner to perform administrative tasks on its behalf, the customer can still contact Microsoft support directly and submit service requests.

Connect with customers and other partners in the Office 365 Marketplace

The Office 365 Marketplace offers customers the opportunity to find partner services and expertise. For more information, see Get listed in the Marketplace.

The Microsoft Partner Network is committed to serving the needs of our partners. To join the network, and to see how Microsoft serves its partners, see Microsoft Partner Network.

Feature availability

To view feature availability across Office 365 plans, see Office 365 Platform Service Description.