Types of billing in Partner Center - includes license-based, usage-based, and one-time billing

Applies to

  • Partner Center
  • Partners in the CSP program

Appropriate roles

  • Admin agent
  • Billing admin
  • Global admin
  • Helpdesk agent
  • Sales agent

You'll be billed for Partner Center purchases depending on the products, solutions and services you buy on behalf of your customers. The types of billing are as follows:

Depending on the types of products you purchase for your customers, you might have different billing periods and be billed on different days of the same month.

If you’ve chosen to be billed monthly or if you’ve bought usage-based products that are billed monthly, your monthly billing date is the day of the month you selected when you created your CSP account on Partner Center. After you’ve successfully created your CSP account, Microsoft will send a confirmation email that includes your billing date. Once created, this date cannot be changed.

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