Consolidate your company accounts when migrating from PMC to Partner Center

Appropriate roles

  • MPN partner admin
  • Account admin

In PMC, your company may have had many accounts and locations. Each location had its own account. When you migrate to Partner Center, all of the accounts and locations will be consolidated into one Partner global account with several locations. The following things will move with you: Your MPN IDs, competencies, purchases, marketing resources, programs, and offers. Nothing will be lost.

When you sign into Partner Center for the first time, you will be added as an MPN admin for your Partner Center account. This role lets you administer the account, add users, assign permissions, and perform other administrative tasks.

Why should you consolidate your multiple accounts in PMC into one account in Partner Center?

  1. With everything under one account, you should find it easier to manage your Microsoft Partner Network account.

  2. Co-sell management and solution publishing are easier under one account structure.

  3. Microsoft will recognize you as one company, which will result in consolidated revenue recognition making it easier to get the full picture across all locations.

  4. You'll need to pay for competencies and MAPs only once, annually.

  5. After consolidating your accounts, you may be eligible for more competencies. You may also now be eligible for other incentive programs.

What happens during consolidation of accounts

  • You cannot change details on the company details screen. These details are for the Partner global account.

  • The account(s) in PMC will be consolidated into the Partner global account.

  • All locations in PMC will be moved into this existing Partner Center Partner global account as locations. You can add additional locations as well. For more information on locations, read Manage your partner account - Locations.

  • Once you complete the consolidation process, you will not be able to reverse it. All your companies' details will now appear as locations within the existing Partner global account.

  • All MPN IDs are preserved during this consolidation.

  • All your existing competencies (Gold/Silver) and purchases (MAPS/Gold/Silver) are preserved during consolidation. Also preserved are any related marketing resources, programs, and offers.

  • You (the user who logged in with the work email ID) will automatically be added as an MPN admin and an account admin to the Partner global account. This lets you administer the account as needed.

Consolidating your Go-To-Market offers, programs, and competencies

In PMC, it was possible for each location to have its own competencies, its own MAPs, and other marketing offers specific to a location.

In Partner Center, all location accounts are consolidated into one global account. This means all Go-To-Market offers, programs, and competencies are consolidated as well. Additional benefits tool kits (ABTKs) will not be available. You can, however, organize the distribution of marketing resources, offers, programs, and competencies as required for your company. When you consolidate, an extension is provided. This extension allows your company to enjoy the marketing resources, offers, and programs it used in PMC for an additional year.

For more information on the differences between PMC and Partner Center, read Moving from PMC to Partner Center.