QuickBooks Online


Power BI QuickBooks Online connector enables connecting to your QuickBooks Online account and viewing, analyzing, and reporting on your company QuickBooks data in Power BI.

Release state: Beta

Products: Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service (Enterprise Gateway)

Authentication Types Supported: QuickBooks Online account


QuickBooks Online has deprecated support for Internet Explorer 11, which Power Query Desktop uses for authentication to online services. To be able to log in to Quickbooks Online from Power BI Desktop, see the Troubleshooting section below.


To use the QuickBooks Online connector, you must have a QuickBooks Online account username and password.

The QuickBooks Online connector uses the QuickBooks ODBC driver. The QuickBooks ODBC driver is shipped with Power BI Desktop and no additional installation is required.

Capabilities Supported

  • Import

Connect to QuickBooks Online

To connect to QuickBooks Online:

  1. In the Get Data dialog box, enter QuickBooks in the Search box, select QuickBooks Online (Beta) from the product-specific data connector list, and then select Connect.

    Get data from QuickBooks Online

  2. Select Continue in the Preview connector message.

    Preview connector

  3. Select Sign in to sign into your QuickBooks Online account.

    Sign in to your account

  4. In the following dialog, enter your QuickBooks credentials. You may be required to provide 2FA (two factor authentication code) as well.

    Enter your credentials

  5. In the following dialog, select a company and then select Next.

    Select a company

  6. Once you've successfully signed in, select Connect.

    Connect to QuickBooks Online

  7. In the Navigator dialog box, select the QuickBooks tables you want to load. You can then either load or transform the data.

    Select QuickBooks tables

Known issues

Beginning on August 1, 2020, Intuit will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) for QuickBooks Online. When you use OAuth2 for authorizing QuickBooks Online, after August 1, 2020, only the following browsers will be supported:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari 11 or newer (Mac only)

For more information, see Alert: Support for IE11 deprecating on July 31, 2020 for Authorization screens.


Enabling OAuth Authentication in Power BI Desktop

Starting in December 2021 Power BI Desktop:

  • Install the new Edge Chromium browser, (at least beta) from https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/en-us/download.
  • In your Environment Variables, set the System variable PQ_EnableEdgeChromiumOAuth to true . Once that is set it will use Edge Chromium for only QuickBooksOnline. For this release, only QuickBooksOnline is enabled by default.
  • You should now be able to log in to QuickBooks Online.

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