TripPin Tutorial

This multi-part tutorial covers the creation of a new data source extension for Power Query. The tutorial is meant to be done sequentially - each lesson builds on the connector created in previous lessons, incrementally adding new capabilities to your connector.

This tutorial uses a public OData service (TripPin) as a reference source. Although this lesson requires the use of the M engine's OData functions, subsequent lessons will use Web.Contents, making it applicable to (most) REST APIs.


The following applications will be used throughout this tutorial:

It's strongly suggested that you review:


Part Lesson Details
1 OData Create a simple Data Connector over an OData service
2 Rest Connect to a REST API that returns a JSON response
3 Nav Tables Providing a navigation experience for your source
4 Data Source Paths How credentials are identified for your data source
5 Paging Read with a paged response from a web service
6 Enforcing Schema Enforce table structure and column data types
7 Advanced Schema Dynamically enforce table structure using M types and external metadata
8 Diagnostics Add detailed tracing to the connector
9 Test Connection Implement a TestConnection handler to enable refresh through the gateway
10 Query Folding (part 1) Implement basic query folding handlers