SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) - Release Candidate

Welcome to the current release candidate (17.0 RC3) of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)! This release candidate of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) includes support for SQL Server vNext.


SSDT release candidate 17.0 RC3 is not recommended for production use. For production use, it is recommended to continue to use the generally available release (16.x)

download Download SQL Server Data Tools 17.0 RC3.


Database projects:

  • Added a new command line option to SqlPackage: ModelFilePath. This provides an option for advanced users to specify an external model.xml file for import, publishing and scripting operations.

IS projects:

  • Support for CDC Control Task, CDC Splitter and CDC Source when targeting SQL Server vNext.

BI improvements:

AS projects:

  • Performance improvements in AS integrated workspace when committing edits to tabular models (calculated columns, measures, importing tables, etc.)
  • General improvements and fixes for preview 1400 compat-level models, PowerQuery integration

RS projects:

  • Embeddable RVC Control is now available supporting SSRS 2016

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the template priority for BI Projects so they don’t show up at the top of the New Projects categories in VS
  • Fixed a VS crash that may occur in rare circumstances when SSIS, SSAS or SSRS solution opened

AS projects:

  • Fixed an issue with attempting to build AS “smproj” files with devenv.com would fail
  • Fixed an issue that was finalizing text changes too frequently when using the Korean IME in AS tabular model sheet tab titles
  • Fixed an issue where the intellisense for DAX Related() function was not working correctly to show columns from other tables
  • Improved AS Tabular project import from database dialog by sorting the list of AS databases
  • Fixed an issue when creating calculated tables in AS tabular model where Tables weren’t listed as suggested objects in the expression
  • Fixed an issue in preview 1400 AS models trying to open using Integrated Workspace server after viewing code
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some data sources (with no support for initial catalog) from working correctly in certain circumstances
  • Deployment Wizard should apply changes to calculated table partitions even when the option to keep partitions is enabled
  • Fixed an issue where Advanced Properties dialog to existing AS Connection didn’t show full list until reselected

RS projects:

  • Fixed an issue when designing reports in SSDT the tree view of parameters, data sources and datasets would collapse when most changes made

IS projects:

  • Fix an issue that "Tabular Model Explorer" menu shows when creating an Integration Service Project

Database projects:

  • SSDT DACPAC deploy add setting back in for IgnoreColumnOrder Connect item
  • SSDT failing to compile if STRING_SPLIT is used Connect item
  • Fix issue where DeploymentContributors have access to the public model but the backing schema has not been initialized Github issue
  • DacFx temporal fix for FILEGROUP placement
  • Fix for "Unresolved Reference" error for external synonyms.
  • Always Encrypted: Online encryption does not disable change tracking on cancellation and does not work properly if change tracking has not been cleaned prior to start encryption

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